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10 ideas to give your partner in long distance relationship

My boyfriend is going to the other side of the planet for 2 years. I am able to see him once every 3/4 months. So before he left I wanted to give him a present. Her are 10 fun ideas I came up with to give him.


  1. A jar of chocolats with a chocolat for every day he is away.
  2. Pillow case with a cute text.
  3. Pictures of the two of us together.
  4. A mug with a cute text.
  5. A watch with an engraving
  6. A bracelet
  7. A lamp that if you touch it the lamp on that the other person has lights up.
  8. A self made T-shirt like I showed here how to make
  9. One of my small paintings
  10. A photobook

I wanted to give him something small so it could easily fit in his bag when he left. Something that had meaning for the two of us. Small and meaningfull. The internet is full of ideas that are expensive, take a long time to make or are to big to take with him. All of the ideas above are simple and small. (Or as big as you want to make them).


If you read this you probably have a man, boyfriend, wife or girlfriend that is leaving as well so I wish you the best of luck and hope you find something he likes.

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The end of Inktober 2019

IMG_20191016_164521I am not going to lie I am quite happy Inktober is over now. I did find my love for drawing back. But with school I sometimes had some trouble finding the time. I already
expected this when I started. This was the reason that I made doodles instead of full drawing.


What I learned from this.

I found my love for drawing back. I had not drawn for a few months. So it was really nice to start making little drawings again.

But I realised that I like to make quick drawings. Draw an avocado on toast, a ghost and special love for faces. I really love drawing faces as you might have seen by now.


But  I am happy I did it. Which is the most important thing.



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I do prefer a pencil

This week I found out that I do prefer a pencil over the ink. Not to erase but to make the lines softer. If I had used different ink and different way to apply that ink I would have been able to make the lines softer. But I did not do that.

The thing I liked about using a pen for inktober was that I always had one around. And it is really easy to use. But with a pencil, I smudge out some of the lines with my finger. This makes the lines softer. Sometimes that gives a different feel to a drawing or doodle.


My doodles for this week:


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An infographic example

Infographic are great to learn some design skills but they are a bit tricky to make.

Why an infographic

An infographic is great for SEO but google does not see the text in the image. So you need to accompany it with some. If you post this on Pinterest a lot of people will see and click on it. People will link to a relevant infographic which will draw more traffic to your website.

infographics are great to tell a story in an easy to understand way. You will need relevant data in the infographic and good, easy to understand visuals. The first thing people look at is the visuals. So make them outstanding.


This infographic

Holland Aviation is a company I work for.

For this company, I make al sort of designs and take care of there social media presence.

They make windsocks. A windsock is really important on an airport. They say things about the wind direction and wind speed. This is vital information if there is a danger with high wind speeds of the risk for gas leaks.