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Why organize your home

There are moments your life will be on a roll and everything will be great. But that might not be the case all the time.

You might be in a moment in life where not everything is great and on a roll. That are the moments it might be difficult to realise you can not control everything. So is great to have control over some things that you can control. You how neat and organized your own house is.

There will be those moments you need to feel incontrol of something. andthen something as simple as a clean house or reorganized house could be a solution. No need to change he whole house but just keeping it clean and keeping it organized can help.
It give back that sense of control that you feel you have lost.
a few things that are great to organize at such a moment are:

  • bookcase
  • kitchen cubards
  • wardrobe

These are spaces that can easily be clutterd with a lot of unused stuff that fills the space. Even though it does not give you any joy. If that is the case the item should go. Do not keep things just to fill a space in your wardrobe. It is better to have a wardrobe that is a lot more empty but all the things in it give you joy and you love to wear and use. Then a wardrobe that is full of things but makes you feel like you have nothing to wear.

When you need to throw it out:

  • When you haven’t used it in a long time
  • When it doesn’t give you joy

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Desk organization part 2

Wednesday I made a blogpost about desk organization. This week I cleaned my other desk drawer that mostly has pencils and pens in it.

This is what my desk drawer used to look like. It is not terrible the pencils are together and so are the highlighters. But it is not great. So I decided to clean this up the same way I did last week.

This is how this proces ended.

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Organize your desk drawer

It is quite likely that you have seen some really nice desk drawers where you can find everything you need in seconds. And your drawer might not look like that. Let me help you make your drawer look like that.

What I did

This is a box that was always in my desk drawer. It had some small things in it that did not completly belong in my desk drawer but I like to keep in there anyway.

I turned that box around so everything was on my desk and I could see what I had.


I sorted all the things in a few catagories.

  • paper clips
  • lights
  • pens
  • elastics
  • lights
  • screwdrivers

And here is everything sorted in the box from earlier and an old pencil case.

Put small things in pots and jars

I put the elastics in a old creme jar and I also put something in the lid of the jar. The paper clips where already in a pot but the bigger paperclips did not fit in the pot so I found a new one that was a little bigger.

There are many different uses for creme pot that is why I always save them Some other uses for creme pots

But you can also use drawer organizers to help you organizer the drawer even better. I wanted to do this project without buying anything. So I used old things I already owned.