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How to make a pretty teabox

The place that I work they have free coffee and tea like most places. But they only have fruity flavoured thee or english breakfast tea. Which is a little boring. So I often take my own tea bags to work that I like a lot more. Then I also wanted a cute little box to keep my tea bags in.

Step 1

I used an old creme jar that would fit a few tea bags. I started with sanding the jar a little

Step 2

Then I mixed a few nice colours and painted the jar.

Step 3

With a sharpie I wrote tea in dutch on it.

Some varnish and some Pickwick tea bags in it and you’re done.

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How to make an easy spraypaint stencil

airbrush logo in black with textile paint on the back of a T-shirt.

A quick and easy tutorial on how to make a stencil for you spraypaint or airbrush project that won’t fall apart after the first use.

It is not always easy to make a stencil for spray paint or for an airbrush. The cardboard can be to thick which makes it hard to cut or the cardboard is to thin and falls apart after one spraypaint sesion. I use this to put a logo on the bag of T-shirts with my airbrush.


You can also use this stencil for normal paint by stippling the paint on.