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What to do with empty chocolate spread jar

A quick blog post about something I thought was a great idea.

I had a jar of chocolate spread that was almost finished. But my mother said that there was still to much in the jar to throw it out. But there was also not enough to cover a slice or even half a slice of bread.


What I did about it?

I put some ice cream in the jar.

It was great. I highly recommend that you try this.

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Art supplies I wish I had sooner

There are many art supplies you already own and know you need for making good art.

But let me show you one that you may not have thought about that is great to have if you like doing art projects of small home improvements.

Carbon paper

This is absolutely amazing. Sometimes you find the perfect font or image and you want to copy it on your project. But you also want it to be as perfect as possible. So it is really easy to print out the perfect image and traces it.

You can buy this in packs of 10 or 100 papers.


How to use carbon paper

You put the dark blue shiny side down on the project you want to trace in the image on. That means the light blue side is up. On top of that you put the paper that has your image on it that you want to traces. Then you can just trace that image on the normal paper with a pen. And when you are done you can lift of all the papers and your image will be on your project. Keep in mind that the blue lines on your project are permanent you can not get it of with an eraser.

I hope this wil help you to create better art without breaking a sweat.

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Little apothecary bottles

apothecary small bottle tutorial in black with paint and hot glue. Very easy to do.

Easy apothecary bottles made from old pil bottles I had from years ago.

You can easy skip the step with the hot glue if you want to. No need to do that or maybe you can use other craft glue you have that is not to watery.


The only things you need:

  • pil bottles
  • gesso
  • chalkboard paint
  • hot glue (optional)
  • silver or gold paint ( or other color if you want.)
  • brushes