Small witch chest tutorial

DIY witch chest tutorial for a small wood box painted in black. A very simple witch chest tutorial. Nothing special just how I painted this little ready made box. There are multiple things you can put in this box; hair gel spiders (fake) shells sand other witchy things you can think of.

How does Gardens by the bay improve life in Singapore?

The park opened in October 2011. Gardens by the Bay is a park in Singapore that helpt with the strategy to make Singapore a garden city. A city in a garden. The goals is to improve the quality of life. The want to do this with the flora and founa in the city. This park… Continue reading How does Gardens by the bay improve life in Singapore?

Tentoonstelling Design in Het Derde Rijk

22 September ben ik naar het design museum in Den Bosch gegaan. Daar is momenteel een tentoonstelling over design in het derde rijk. Toen we binnen kwamen moesten we eerst een film bekijken. De film vertelde kort iets over de tijdlijn en grote gebeurtenissen tijdens het derde rijk. Na deze film gingen we de tentoonstellingshal… Continue reading Tentoonstelling Design in Het Derde Rijk