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Let me help you achieve that same dream just like I did. I will help you keep everything organized. I always forgot all my passwords and my boyfriend kept making new passwords for things but not writing them down and then forget the password. I found the perfect way to solve this problem. I made and printed this printable and left it next to the computer. So when I made or changed a password I immediately wrote it down and because it was next to the computer my boyfriend did the same. Because it did not cost a lot of extra work.

So if you need someone to help you get organized, make lists and keep up with finances you do not need to look any further. You are in the right place.

This printable will help you keep all your passwords in the same place.  organized on a single sheet of paper. Just a single page which keeps everything simple for you.



When you purchase this printable you will be able to download it once in your account. That is all you have to do. No fuzz. No need to wait for it to arrive or pay for shipping. You just need to download and press print.

If you do not have a printer you can always send it to a family member who does or a print shop in your area.

You can print this on basic printer paper.



This is also available as an online fillable form. So if you have always wanted a printable but you do not have a printer and do not want to go to a print show you can also fill in this form online in your browser or on Adobe Acrobat.

Easy to fill in.

You download the pdf file and you will be able to fill it in on your computer or phone. But after that, you can still print the file or just leave it online. This way it is also great for people who do not want to print everything out or do not own a printer.

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