School projects

Immersive storytelling


A project where we made an Immersive story that was set in Tokyo 2050.

We started to research the current trends to find out how they could develop over time. After that we could start writing a story, 3D modeling, making art and game mechanics for it so that the programmer could program all of it in Unity.

I did the art direction for this project. I looked at what colors to use to make the feeling stronger. How things needed to look to make it feel like Tokyo 2050 but also how the visuals could enhance the story.



For this project, we worked in a group to find two datasets with the same data point that we could use to make a hack.

I made a prototype for this website in Adobe XD. It was a website where you could click on an artist and read something about him. But at the bottom of that page would also be a composer that lived at the same time. This also worked the other way around.


Integrated smart system



I talk more about this school project on the Arduino page.




Time-based storytelling

This was a project where we needed to make a one-minute film that had a story with raising the stakes.

We learned about filming, sound design, editing, storytelling and lighting.


Sensors and senses

stress lavendel

I talk more about this school project on the Arduino page.