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Journaling: Guided by the Spirit of God — ChallEngEr

The benefits of prayer journaling I’ve read many articles about journaling and very few spoke about how God uses it as a powerful weapon in our hands.Yes, many other benefits add to the value of journaling;but in a prayer journal some elements combine to create a powerful formula of prayer. Before we can dive into […]

Journaling: Guided by the Spirit of God — ChallEngEr
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Day 346 using creativity to survive or thrive? — mijn reis naar Leven

The word creativity has been, and still is, very important in my life. It is connected to memories of me loving to draw and paint as a child, where I was free to choose whatever I wanted to create on paper. Later in life my creativity was trained extensively in fashion academy where I had […]

Day 346 using creativity to survive or thrive? — mijn reis naar Leven
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My Dressing Room: Take A Look In My Closet — Outfit Van De Dag Blog

Hi dear readers, Now that I’ve moved to a bigger place I have my own dressing room. I’m planning on decorating the room with a chair, a mirror and a luxurious looking carpet. For now I have exposed my handbag and shoe collection. I’d love to share some photos of the dressing room with you. […]

My Dressing Room: Take A Look In My Closet — Outfit Van De Dag Blog
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Do I really need Adobe?

Short answer? No.

But there is a reason so many people have Adobe and love using it so much.

With Adobe creative cloud you have exces to some of the most used programs in the business like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After effects, Premier Pro and many more.

What does each of these programs do?

  • Photoshop does what the name suggest. It helps you edit your photo’s. Adobe Lightroom can also help with light settings for the photo’s. These two programs work great together.
  • InDesign is for making posters, books, flyers, and almost any publications that are printed.
  • Illustrator is perfect for making Illustrations, infographic and logo’s of all sorts. But also to change colors of logo’s is needed. Here is a tutorial on how to do that.
  • After effects work to animate that illustration you just made in Illustrator.
  • Premier Pro is great for video editing. I edit my tutorials always in Premier.


I will be honest the Adobe programs are not always easy to master. But if you do know the basics of one program then you kind of know all of them. They are not extremely hard but watching a few tutorials can’t hurt anyone.

On there are so many free tutorials you can follow to master all these programs that does not cost you anything.

On the Adobe website are also many tutorials for each of there programs.

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Stock photo is your best friend.

I have use adobe stock for a few years know. Let me tell you how I got there.

I have photo’s

You might have the same problem that I had a few years ago. When photography is your hobby but you do not really know what to do with your photo’s. I had almost 800 photo’s on my laptop that I loved but I did not do anything with. So let me inspire you to put them on a stock photo website like Adobe stock.

I do not have photo’s but need one

But it is not just a good place to put your photo’s if you have many. There might also be a few of you that don’t have photo’s to publish but are looking for photo’s. Adobe stock is also a really good place to take photo’s from to use for your publications.

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Why organize your home

There are moments your life will be on a roll and everything will be great. But that might not be the case all the time.

You might be in a moment in life where not everything is great and on a roll. That are the moments it might be difficult to realise you can not control everything. So is great to have control over some things that you can control. You how neat and organized your own house is.

There will be those moments you need to feel incontrol of something. andthen something as simple as a clean house or reorganized house could be a solution. No need to change he whole house but just keeping it clean and keeping it organized can help.
It give back that sense of control that you feel you have lost.
a few things that are great to organize at such a moment are:

  • bookcase
  • kitchen cubards
  • wardrobe

These are spaces that can easily be clutterd with a lot of unused stuff that fills the space. Even though it does not give you any joy. If that is the case the item should go. Do not keep things just to fill a space in your wardrobe. It is better to have a wardrobe that is a lot more empty but all the things in it give you joy and you love to wear and use. Then a wardrobe that is full of things but makes you feel like you have nothing to wear.

When you need to throw it out:

  • When you haven’t used it in a long time
  • When it doesn’t give you joy

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What to do with empty chocolate spread jar

A quick blog post about something I thought was a great idea.

I had a jar of chocolate spread that was almost finished. But my mother said that there was still to much in the jar to throw it out. But there was also not enough to cover a slice or even half a slice of bread.


What I did about it?

I put some ice cream in the jar.

It was great. I highly recommend that you try this.

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Art supplies I wish I had sooner

There are many art supplies you already own and know you need for making good art.

But let me show you one that you may not have thought about that is great to have if you like doing art projects of small home improvements.

Carbon paper

This is absolutely amazing. Sometimes you find the perfect font or image and you want to copy it on your project. But you also want it to be as perfect as possible. So it is really easy to print out the perfect image and traces it.

You can buy this in packs of 10 or 100 papers.


How to use carbon paper

You put the dark blue shiny side down on the project you want to trace in the image on. That means the light blue side is up. On top of that you put the paper that has your image on it that you want to traces. Then you can just trace that image on the normal paper with a pen. And when you are done you can lift of all the papers and your image will be on your project. Keep in mind that the blue lines on your project are permanent you can not get it of with an eraser.

I hope this wil help you to create better art without breaking a sweat.