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How does Gardens by the bay improve life in Singapore?


The park opened in October 2011.

Gardens by the Bay is a park in Singapore that helpt with the strategy to make Singapore a garden city. A city in a garden. The goals is to improve the quality of life. The want to do this with the flora and founa in the city.

This park has futuristic trees that are incredibly high and made out of metal.

Everytime I look at this it makes me want to go back. The gardens looked great during the day. But during the day it was to warm to walk in the sun.


Amongst the high buildings, the trees are sometimes hidden. Which is incredible to do that with such a height.

Humans are also animals which we tend to forget. We started to live in high buildings amongst other high building. We forgot to implement nature into our cities. I think it is absolutely wonderful that the government in Singapore is trying to bring nature back. The city is also incredibly clean which made me feel great to be there. I live in The Netherlands and here is quite a lot of litter on the ground and next to the roads. If I am honest to myself and you, I am a bit of a germophobe. It does not affect my daily life so it is not so bad. But that is a reason I love Singapore. Even with all the cars and people, it felt really clean.


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Rammstein concert Rotterdam (NL) 2019

Rammstein the band from Germany. Everyone started talking about them agian after their album release in 2019. They did a stadium tour in Europe that same summer. The visuals for the tour look just as good as the new album.


An incredibly warm day. And what do I do? I went to a Rammstein concert with a lot of pyros. In De Kuip there was a heat plan so there were drink water points and we were allowed to take a soft plastic bottle with us without the cap

We had to wait a while for the new album but it is just as good as there live show. It gives you a lot of energy even if you are just listening to the cd.

Rammstein started there show a bit earlier than the schedule said. Which is a nice change compared to the many big rock stars who always let their fans wait. They started with a big bang. Literally, everything immediately on fire and even warmer than it already was. Unfortunately, me and my friend quickly noticed that we were so far away from the speakers that the fire was half a second before the sound. It was not a major differents but just enough to notice it.


It was a great show everything was well arranged.






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Château et Jardins de Canon

Château et Jardins de Canon, a family château like no other.

During our holiday in Normandie, we went here.

It was beautiful, the house was not as big as I thought. When we walked into the house it was a lot smaller than expected. But the best thing about is the garden anyway so it did not really matter.


DSC_0094The start

You start the tour from the south farm. In this farm, you come across the vegetable garden, the bread oven, orangery, cider press, and a bees’ yard.


Then you walk to the vase grove. There are various species. The name comes from the design of its paths in the shape of a vase.

After the vase grove, you walk along a lane towards the temple of the mourner. It was built in 1783 in a neo-classical style. J.B. Élie de Beaumont designed in memory of his beloved late wife.

If you are in a wheelchair you might want to skip the wild walk. But you can walk to the ornamental pond. where you have a beautiful view of the château. The pond is the home of carps, trout, roaches, swans, eels, and ducks.


Into the woods

When you walk into the woods towards the grand canal you come across a beautiful little waterfall. A little walk along the canal in the shade. You will end up at the chines pavilion that was built in 1781. And underwent restoration work in 2017.

Then my personal favourite part of the garden was the chartreuses. Eleven closed gardens which were called “Fruitiers”. The purpose of these gardens was the grow various kinds of fruit.


Back to the house

At the Rosiers’ Hall, you mind find some festivities that take place there. This was made to balance out the south farms on the other side.

Then you stand in front of the château. If you go in your mind understand what I meant with “the house was not as big as I thought.” Not that the house is small. It just looked bigger on the outside.



I do recommend this if you are in the neighborhood.


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Tentoonstelling Design in Het Derde Rijk

22 September ben ik naar het design museum in Den Bosch gegaan. Daar is momenteel een tentoonstelling over design in het derde rijk.
Toen we binnen kwamen moesten we eerst een film bekijken. De film vertelde kort iets over de tijdlijn en grote gebeurtenissen tijdens het derde rijk.
Na deze film gingen we de tentoonstellingshal binnen. Daar begon het met een kort verhaaltje over hoe het begon in 1919. Daarbij ook wat uitleg over nazisme. Daarna kwamen we bij een vitrine met schoolboeken. Het ging erover hoe het nazisme op school werd doorgevoerd. Maar ook hoe het in het dagelijks leven steeds meer naar voren kwam.
Het middenstuk van de tentoonstelling ging veel over Hitler in deze periode. Over de verschillende dingen die hij heeft ontworpen. Maar ook hoe ze het logo voor de partij hadden gevonden.
Het laatste stuk van de tentoonstelling ging over de 2e wereld oorlog. Maar ook hoe in het begin de Duitsers een betaalbare auto was beloofd die er niet kwam zoals ze hadden verwacht.
De tentoonstelling was heel erg gebaseerd op feiten. In dit geval is het goed dat er niet veel meningen in voor kwamen. Het is een gevoelig onderwerp bij veel mensen.
Ik was wel nog hier en daar benieuwd hoe de gewone Duitse burger het heeft ervaren. Maar ook hoe andere burgers van andere landen het zagen gebeuren. Maar ik blijf wel bij mijn standpunt dat het goed is dat er niet te veel meningen in de tentoonstelling werd verteld.
De tentoonstelling was wel netjes verzorgd. Er mochten geen foto’s gemaakt worden.
Zeker een aanrader om heen te gaan nu het er nog is.
De tentoonstelling loopt tot 19 januari 2020
Let wel op dat je van te voren tickets moet bestellen.
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You must visit Mont-Saint-Michel once in your life.

DSC_0035Mont-Saint-Michel is a little island near the coast of Normandie (France). The little island is on the World Heritage List. You go to the island over a bridge, you can use the bus or walk the 2 km to the island.


What time do you go there

The day we went there the weather was not great so we had to hide from the rain a few times. It was not awfully busy anymore because most people go there really early in the morning. But after two hours you have seen most things on the island. So we went around 3 o’clock when most people had left DSC_0067already.


What to do there

We went into the church that was on the island. Which costs €10,- per person. They gave us a flyer with some information on it. It was nice not really sure if it was worth the money. But one the island it is the only thing to do. Apart from the few stores and restaurants of course.


Now one why you really need to visit once 

I personally think it is really important to know how people used to live. Not only that this is a special place people used to live here without all the tourists. You will not learn how they live but the building still seems the same. So it will give you an idea.

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Bizarium Museum in Sluis

Bizarium Museum in Sluis


Bizarium in Sluis is a museum that focuses on inventions of the past that have failed or never really grew up. Some of these inventions really do not work and some could have become very large, but for unknown reasons they never became anything. Much of the inventions are based on things that we already see in nature. Like a flying machine inspired by the leaves of the maple. I think this fits very well with my studies because we will also invent and think of many things where it can sometimes be very good things but it may not always breakthrough. Inventions from the past can also be a good source of inspiration for new things.

The museum was interesting and fun to see all the crazy things that were made. But I did miss the information about why the inventions didn’t work. I told about the flying machine inspired by a maple leaf. So that man jumped out of an airplane with the machine, but it didn’t say what happened after that. I doubt it worked but I don’t know.

I thought it was really nice to see how many things are inspired by nature and how many kinds of ways have been devised to fly.
But there was an object by Leonardo Davinci, so in 1478 he already made a self-rising car. That is far before the time of the real cars. So man has been working on this concept for so long while it is still not entirely optimal there.
This shows how well you can still use and create ideas from the past, but with modern technology.


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Le grand bunker Musée du Mur de l’Atlantique

IMG_20190731_160212Le grand bunker Musée du Mur de l’Atlantique

Avenue du 6 Juin, 14150 Ouistreham, France

An old 17 m high bunker that was part of the Atlantic Wall in 1944. We went there in July I think it was one of the best museums I went to on this trip to Normandy. It still showed signs of the fights that used to be there. The door was still busted from the explosion that was used to open it many years ago.

The things that were on display explained the story of the bunker really well. This made everything come to life a lot more.


Most of the letters and things from the soldiers were behind glass. This is not something weird for a museum of course.

So of the rooms were partially closed to recreate what the rooms used to look like. when the bunker was in use. There were puppets and tables filled with fake foods and objects. They made bunk beds and recreated the kitchen.

The texts that were there to explain the objects on display were simple no unnecessary use of difficult words.

At the top of the bunker, there was a lookout where you could almost see the beach. You were also allowed to go to the room where you were able to see the see.


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Food moon

We had to stand in the middle of a dark room. There were pictures everywhere that we thought was the moon. There were different moons on each photo, the craters were in a different place. So it couldn’t be a moon at all. our guide started to tell his story. He said they were all pancakes instead of the moon.

I think it’s brilliant that someone came up with the idea of photographing something as simple as a pancake so that it looks like something completely different. The pancakes were placed on a bowl or a sphere to simulate the curve of the moon. And it was photographed just next to the window to also simulate the reflection of light, just like the real moon.

I think it is beautifully simple.



Alternative Moons made by Robert Pufleb & Nadine Schlieper