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10 uses of old creme jar

I always use body butter afterthe shower. But most of the cremes come in plastic jars. I always clean them to reuse them for something. Here are a few ideas to reuse them.

1. For small office supplies


2. Keep small elektronics like earbuds or usb drives


3. Hold hair ties


4. Hold your jewelry


5. cotton swabs


6. Soap box

As you can see I use these nivea creme jars a lot. They are great for many things and are not plastic which is a bit better for the enviroment.


7. Small pencils or crayola’s

Once again the nivea creme jar


8. Paint pallet

You can put the lid back on to keep the paint fresh.


9 Hold keys


10. Hold coins


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Upcycle rubber duck tie ring

I am a scouts leader and we always need to wear a tie. I have a few different tie rings but I also found out I still had a few ubber ducks lying around. So I made a tie ring from the rubber duck.

What you need for this:

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5 ways to use a drawing doll

We all know the real way to use a drawing doll. But when you don’t need the doll it is just standing in the corner some where or lie in a drawer.

There are also a few usefull ways to use a drawing doll when you are not using it for drawing.

  1. hang your jewelry  on the arms and around the neck


2. hold some pens and pencils. You can also hang scissors from its arms


3. Put it somewhere as decorations


4. Let the doll hold a book or picture frame


5. Put the doll somewhere funny


If you are inspired to buy a drawing doll that will do more that just collect dust you can buy it here. I will make a small commision which would really help me out.

Buy a drawing doll here

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How to remodel a straw hat

My mother had this old straw hat that looked really cool. I used this hat for a flower girl costume. One of those girls with shoes with a small heel in black shiny leather with a small buckle strap and white socks. Above that a yellow floral dress that has a lot of small blue flowers. And on her head she would wear a big head with a red ribbon.

Unfortunately this hat had lived in a bag in the attic for a few years. This a distroyed the nice shape it used to have. But now it is summer here in The Netherlands again and I wanted to wear that hat again. So I needed to remodel that hat. Let me explain how.


How I did it

I put a pan on the stove with water.

Once the water was boiling I put the pan on low heat but made sure it kept on boiling.

I carefully held the hat over the boiling water so the steam would soften the straw.

Then I took a ladle and bend the hat in the shape that I wanted.

And that was it. I was really that simple.


But When you do this be very careful not to burn yourself with the steam.

I also burned the string that goes under your chin. So I had to put a new string there. Luckely the string did not really burn but only melted a little

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How to make an easy spraypaint stencil

airbrush logo in black with textile paint on the back of a T-shirt.

A quick and easy tutorial on how to make a stencil for you spraypaint or airbrush project that won’t fall apart after the first use.

It is not always easy to make a stencil for spray paint or for an airbrush. The cardboard can be to thick which makes it hard to cut or the cardboard is to thin and falls apart after one spraypaint sesion. I use this to put a logo on the bag of T-shirts with my airbrush.


You can also use this stencil for normal paint by stippling the paint on.

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apothecary cabin tutorial

apothecary briefcase for witches and wizards tutorial so you can easy make it yourself.

How did I make it?

  • I made this by painting my brothers old play toolbox black.
  • I then spent some time finding odd looking bottles, cutlery, candles, knives, glasses, tea cups, chains and nuts. Some of those things I had lying around but I did not have enough my self.
  • So I went to a second hand store to find some more. I looked around the kitchen things and the vases.
  • Then I puzzled until every inch of the box was filled with something interesting.
  • When you think you are done make sure that not everything will fall out when you open and close it.


Why you need to make this?

I made this cabinet for an impostor roll I had for the scouts. So I took a long black coat and made this to go with it.

I loved making this. It gave me something to do during the covid pandemic and I loved to puzzle all the pieces together and decorate them. I gave my mind something to be occupied with. Specially during the corona pandemic because at some point I felt really lazy and unmotivated to do anything creative. So doing this really help spark some interest in my art and crafts projects again.


How can I use this?

A very simple tutorial on how I made this apothecary cabinet that can be used for different costumes for witches, wizards, cosplay, scary people, doctors or any other caracter you can think of. I used this for an impostor roll. I wore a long black coat almost to the floor and black boots. This made me look like a shady person standing in the woods. When someone asked for something I had small bundle of lavender to give to them.

Something that would have fit with the really well was black, rotten teeth.

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Little apothecary bottles

apothecary small bottle tutorial in black with paint and hot glue. Very easy to do.

Easy apothecary bottles made from old pil bottles I had from years ago.

You can easy skip the step with the hot glue if you want to. No need to do that or maybe you can use other craft glue you have that is not to watery.


The only things you need:

  • pil bottles
  • gesso
  • chalkboard paint
  • hot glue (optional)
  • silver or gold paint ( or other color if you want.)
  • brushes
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Best surprise DIY

suprise idea pillow. Very easy and amazing pillow case
I needed to make a surprise gift for a friend of mine. As everyone does at such a moment. I looked on the internet for inspiration. I search Pinterest. I found a pillow made out of an old button up shirt.
This was a great idea.
I would make a pillow out of an old shirt. Not just a any kind a pillow that would look like a scouts uniform.
I would fill it up with paper and the presents I bought for her.
Then I just needed to start making it.
I found an old button up shirt that was white. And I needed it to be a light brown. So I let it soak in coffee for a while.
Now my shirt was the right colour.
I put it on the table a drew a big square on it. The top needed to be the shoulders. I cut the square out and sew it right sides together.
WhatsApp Image 2019-12-02 at 13.14.33
Now I already had some sort of pillow.
WhatsApp Image 2019-12-02 at 13.14.33(1)
I made two front pockets and a scarf.
WhatsApp Image 2019-12-02 at 13.14.33(2)
Then I needed the logo’s on the pockets and I also wanted her name on it.
So I printed the logo’s and her name out. Found an old piece of see trough plastic table cloth. Cut out the logo so it formed a stencil for the logo’s.
I used regular paint to put the logo’s on the blouse.
I stuffed the pillow with old newspaper and her presents.
She absolutely loved it.
WhatsApp Image 2019-12-02 at 13.14.31(4)