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Reuse a cardboard box

I had a small cardboard box that I wanted to paint to use as a giftbox for friends.

So let me show you how I made this.

Start with using some gesso so the paint does not all soak in the cardboard
I painted everything a bit quick with a few nice colors.

This is the end result.

This was a very simple proces and product. But because I did not need to think about what I was painting it felt really therapeutic

Thing you can do with this:

  1. Put candy in it
  2. Set in it the bathroom to hide tampons
  3. Use as pen holder depending on the size of the box
  4. Put small things in
  5. Use as a gift box

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How to organize your arts & craft cabinet

I always kept all my art supplies in a drawer under my bed. But I am a bit of a hoarder so recently the drawer became a bit to small. And it was alright for a while but I kept pushing more and more things in that drawer.

So solution to my problem was simpel: A new cabinet for my art supplies.

Luckily my father had a small cabinet with three drawers like this one that would fit most of my supplies. So that was perfect.

The start

When I got the cabinet it was really dusty so I cleaned it really well. I think I needed to clean it three times to get it completly clean.

When that was done I got all my art supplies out of the drawer it was currently in. This gave me a good idea of all the things I had and how I got sort them out.

I knew I wanted to make one drawer for paint and one drawer for supplies like pens, knives, pencils, glue etc. So I put al the thing in those two drawers. When I was reorganizing the old drawer I got the idea to fill the last remaining drawer with my portfolio and craft paper.

After everything was in the right drawer I was not really happy with the way the top drawer was layed out. It still looked really messy. So I got a few cardboard boxes to also organize that a bit beter.


It looks great. Everything is easy to acces so I know all the things that I have. I have no reason to forget things that I have or to be to lazy to do art just beause I am to lazy to get the supplies. It is all organized. Even my parents can find things to borrow again. (I am not sure if that last thing is a good thing.)

To make this process a bit easier you can also buy drawer organizers here. This is an affiliate link. Ifyou buy it using this link it won’t cost you any extra but it does help me.

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How to make an easy spraypaint stencil

airbrush logo in black with textile paint on the back of a T-shirt.

A quick and easy tutorial on how to make a stencil for you spraypaint or airbrush project that won’t fall apart after the first use.

It is not always easy to make a stencil for spray paint or for an airbrush. The cardboard can be to thick which makes it hard to cut or the cardboard is to thin and falls apart after one spraypaint sesion. I use this to put a logo on the bag of T-shirts with my airbrush.


You can also use this stencil for normal paint by stippling the paint on.

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The end of Inktober 2019

IMG_20191016_164521I am not going to lie I am quite happy Inktober is over now. I did find my love for drawing back. But with school I sometimes had some trouble finding the time. I already
expected this when I started. This was the reason that I made doodles instead of full drawing.


What I learned from this.

I found my love for drawing back. I had not drawn for a few months. So it was really nice to start making little drawings again.

But I realised that I like to make quick drawings. Draw an avocado on toast, a ghost and special love for faces. I really love drawing faces as you might have seen by now.


But  I am happy I did it. Which is the most important thing.



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I do prefer a pencil

This week I found out that I do prefer a pencil over the ink. Not to erase but to make the lines softer. If I had used different ink and different way to apply that ink I would have been able to make the lines softer. But I did not do that.

The thing I liked about using a pen for inktober was that I always had one around. And it is really easy to use. But with a pencil, I smudge out some of the lines with my finger. This makes the lines softer. Sometimes that gives a different feel to a drawing or doodle.


My doodles for this week:


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I do not like drawing I like doodling

Last week I really fell back in love with drawing. Or so I thought. I realised that I like to make a quick drawing. Or at least most of the time. I still like making a portrait once in a while. But that always take 8+ hours. Sometimes you just need a quick fix. So a doodle will do just fine. Than expectations are not so high. Than it is fine if you mess up.


Doodles for the weeks inktober