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[Reblog] Top 15 Garage Organization Tips and Tricks How to Organize Garage Clutter

#Organization | Here are my top garage organization tips and tricks that will help you to regain the valuable space in your garage. It’s shocking to think that around half the people who own a home with a garage cannot park their cars in the garage because of all the clutter they have inside! This […]

Top 15 Garage Organization Tips and Tricks How to Organize Garage Clutter
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[Reblog] Fall

Its definitely Fall in Holland, leaves everywhere and acorns and chestnuts. I always get a little nostalgic around this time of the year and what a year it has been. I am not going to go into Covid and the partial lockdown we are in again but it has taken his toll on me. But […]

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[Reblog] Winter-Printable

De winter staat voor de deur, dat betekent voor velen onder ons bewuster tijd maken voor wat cozy reading time! Ben jij één van die winterfans en wil je nog snel even je leesdoelen voor deze winter bijstellen? Ga er dan lekker bewust mee aan de slag dankzij deze gratis printable! Je kan deze printable […]

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Business plan printable start

Business plan printable start

Business plan printable start

Have you already seen my printable business plan fill-in.

It is an easy, simple and quick way to write a business plan before you start your company. It helps you think of everything you need to before you start a business.

Check out my printable business plan here.

Are you just like me and constantly dreaming about starting your own business so you do not have to work 9-5 for a boss for the rest of your life. You want to work whenever and maybe wherever you want. Feel free and make your own luck working on your own projects. The more work you put in it the more you will get out of it. This really was a great motivator for me when I started my business.

Starting a new business does not need to be so overwhelming. I can help you get everything in order before you start spending a lot of money on your new business.

So when you go to the bank you will have a full plan to show them you are serious and deserve to get that loan. And you will then get that loan and make your business ideas and dreams into a reality.

This printable business plan helps you to think of everything you need to before you start your business. You just have to fill in the blanks. It will ask you about;

  • your competitors
  • prices
  • market
  • your own company
  • and many more
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[Reblog] Small Business (2 vel)

Heb jij een eigen bedrijf? Dan wil je jouw post, pakketjes of bedankkaartjes ongetwijfeld graag voorzien van een leuke, warme sticker. Deze ‘Small Business’ stickervellen kun je Mix & Match bestellen! Je krijgt voor deze prijs dus twee dezelfde óf twee verschillende vellen: kies welke je leuk vind, en voeg ze toe aan je mandje. […]

Small Business (2 vel)
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Download the Free 2021 calendar printable

Get your life organized!

2021 was not the year we wanted. So let’s make 2021 a better year with more things to do. So let’s get organized with this simple calendar.

Write down everything you want to do and write down all the tasks you have. Every festival, party and get together easy to see.

Download the calendar here!

It is a simple pdf file that you can download and print so no need to wait for an order or pay for shipping. Better for the environment as well.