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[Reblog] Developing Skills

The folks in my small friends-circle love to keep up with the times by exploring beyond our knowledge and skill levels. We enjoy reading books, and Web pages aimed at DIYers. We enjoy documentaries and educational videos. You might say that we’re addicted to learning new ideas and skills. Last year’s house purchase has further […]

[Reblog] Top 15 Garage Organization Tips and Tricks How to Organize Garage Clutter

#Organization | Here are my top garage organization tips and tricks that will help you to regain the valuable space in your garage. It’s shocking to think that around half the people who own a home with a garage cannot park their cars in the garage because of all the clutter they have inside! This […]

[Reblog] Fall

Its definitely Fall in Holland, leaves everywhere and acorns and chestnuts. I always get a little nostalgic around this time of the year and what a year it has been. I am not going to go into Covid and the partial lockdown we are in again but it has taken his toll on me. But […]