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Agreement for Design & Multimedia assignment
any (legal) person who uses a service at or through the contractor.

It is only possible to deviate from these conditions if the parties have explicitly agreed in writing. (“Client”)
Eva Boonman Designs (“Contractor)
consider that:
Client is working in the field of design and multimedia;
The Contractor has been approached by the Client to perform the work described below and the Contractor is prepared to perform this work; and
The contractor is free to determine how it carries out the work,
and agree as follows:
Article 1: The Assignment
The Client gives the Contractor an assignment, and the Contractor accepts the Client’s assignment to perform the following work: designing and creating logos for business and clean design, or personal design for private customers from the first design to the final design. Furthermore, contact with the customer to complete the design and complete the assignment (the “Assignment”).

With due observance of the provisions of Article 1.3 of this agreement, the Contractor is free to design and execute the Assignment at its own discretion.

The Contractor is obliged to execute the Assignment personally. The Contractor has the right to have the Assignment carried out by someone else, provided that the Client has given prior notice and the Client agrees, which consent may not be withheld on unreasonable grounds.

The Contractor will commence the Assignment on or around approval and will complete the work required to perform the Assignment after mutual consultation but no later than the agreed date.

Written approval is only accepted

Any complaints after delivery will be assessed on the basis of the last approved models / tests.

If there are complaints, these must be communicated to the contractor as soon as possible and within ten working days after completion of the assignment. If no complaints are reported within the reported time, it means that the client has fully accepted the result of the assignment.

Article 2: Reimbursement
Quotation may be subject to change due to unforeseen changes in the work. All quotations are valid for 2 months and without obligation. The prices are exclusive of VAT and other taxes

The contractor is entitled to charge the client for all costs incurred to bring the assignment to a successful conclusion.

Payment of the Fee and costs takes place per month and within 14 days after the date of the Contractor’s invoice.

In the event that this agreement takes such a form that it is established in fiscal or social insurance law terms that there is an employment contract, then the Reimbursement applies as the gross wage, including holiday allowance.

Every offer and quotation from the contractor is without obligation. Unless otherwise stated in the offer or quotation. The assignment will actually be accepted through execution or written confirmation from the contractor.

All prices are in euros and are exclusive of sales tax and other levies imposed by the government. Any special extra costs relating to the import and / or clearance of goods to be delivered by the contractor to the client are not included in the price and are therefore at the expense of the client.

Payment must always be made within 30 days of the invoice date. The client is not entitled to set off any claim against the contractor against the amounts charged by the contractor.

Payment is made by deposit or transfer to a bank or giro account designated by the contractor. The contractor always has the right to demand security for payment and / or payment in advance both before and after the conclusion of the agreement, such that the contractor is suspended until the security is provided and / or the payment in advance by the contractor is provided. contractor has been received. If payment in advance would be refused, the contractor is authorized to terminate the agreement and the client is liable for the resulting damage for the user.

If payment is not made on time, the client is legally in default without a notice of default being necessary. The client owes the contractor statutory commercial interest as referred to in article 6: 119a of the Dutch Civil Code from that moment.

In the event that after the expiry of a further payment period set by written notice, payment has not yet been received, the client will owe a fine equal to 10% of the principal owed by the client to the contractor.


Eva Boonman Designs does not make warranties. 

This shop is not responsible for any damages in any case.

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