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Why do you need a financial planner

Why do you need a financial planner?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed about your finances or did not know where your money went or why all of it was suddenly gone. Let me help you keep track of all your finances so you always know where all of it goes. But also where all the money comes from if you have multiple incoming streams.

This is very useful for start-ups. To start a business it might be difficult to see where all you’re money goes but also how much money actually comes in that is not VAT.

I do not just have a passion for my own business but also for the organization so these two things together seem like the perfect match. So if you need someone to help you get organized, make lists and keep up with finances you do not need to look any further. You are in the right place.

Do you hate the mess you make but you do not know how to organize all of it? I can help you! I might be the most organized person you will ever meet. Organizing is not that hard. you just need a simple list of the things you need to do. So you can read everything you need to do and just check them once they are done. So in one quick look, you know what still needs to be done.

This printable will help you check all the things you need to do buy that week. Always in good order.

These financial planners will help you create a good base for a healthy and organized life.


When you purchase these printables you will be able to download is once in your account. That is all you have to do. No fuzz. No need to wait for it to arrive or pay for shipping. You just need to download and press the print button.

If you do not have a printer you can always send it to a family member who does or a print shop in your area.

You can print this on basic printer paper.

That is why you need a financial planner

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