Cut up a boyfriend pillow

A few years ago on my birthday my boyfriend gave me a boyfriend pillow as a joke.

You can buy it here if you want it too.

It looks a bit odd. The hands looks a bit scary and the buttons are in an odd place. It just looked a bit off. I never used it and was not planning on using it the way is was now.

So I thought I would cut it up and sew it shut again.

step 1 was taking the blouse off.

The picture above shows how I cut the arm off and pinnend the holes shut again. After that I sewed it and cut off the hand.

And then we have the end result.

2 thoughts on “Cut up a boyfriend pillow”

  1. I love that beauty has to be a little weird. Otherwise, it’s just pretty, and just pretty is boring and superficial. This idea of yours has beauty, weird in great ways, like people when they are themselves. Excellent!


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