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Do I really need Adobe?

Short answer? No.

But there is a reason so many people have Adobe and love using it so much.

With Adobe creative cloud you have exces to some of the most used programs in the business like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After effects, Premier Pro and many more.

What does each of these programs do?

  • Photoshop does what the name suggest. It helps you edit your photo’s. Adobe Lightroom can also help with light settings for the photo’s. These two programs work great together.
  • InDesign is for making posters, books, flyers, and almost any publications that are printed.
  • Illustrator is perfect for making Illustrations, infographic and logo’s of all sorts. But also to change colors of logo’s is needed. Here is a tutorial on how to do that.
  • After effects work to animate that illustration you just made in Illustrator.
  • Premier Pro is great for video editing. I edit my tutorials always in Premier.


I will be honest the Adobe programs are not always easy to master. But if you do know the basics of one program then you kind of know all of them. They are not extremely hard but watching a few tutorials can’t hurt anyone.

On there are so many free tutorials you can follow to master all these programs that does not cost you anything.

On the Adobe website are also many tutorials for each of there programs.

3 thoughts on “Do I really need Adobe?

  1. Adobe offers many good applications but I feel most are over designed for many users. There is a huge difference between the person who just wants to share photos and maybe fix them a bit before sharing and the person most interested in artistic expression as well as the person focused on making a living from their art and design.

  2. Hi Eva,
    in the end of the dtp revolution Adobe turned out as the winner and for over twenty years there was nothing to compete with postscript, pdf and flash, but now it looks like flash is dead and Inkscape is ahead of Illustrator…

    When it comes to pixels Krita is industry-leader since 2009, Scribus is challenging Indesign already, and Blender is much more advanced compared with Adobe aFX & Dimensions. So it’s likely that people still love and pay Adobe because they have no idea that there is better Software – for FREE Artists.

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