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A few odd ways to store hats.

I do not have a lot of hats. I only have three. But two of them are sunhats so they take up a lot of space in my closet. So I needed to change that but I did not want to spend any money on it.

My first step was to get some inspiration for which I used mostly Pinterest.

So after that I thought that I would hang one hat on a hook that I already had in my sealing.

This hat already had a string for under you chin. So I hung the hat down from the sealing on that string. To keep it from hanging in an odd way I place a clothespin on the edge.

I hope it does not change the shape of the hat. But if it does I will just reshape the hat like I did before.

I loved the way the red string hangs down from the hat above my books.

I had a second hook on my sealing that I would use for my flatcap. I just hung the cap on the hook with the back of the cap with the plastic part what helps you to be able to change the size.

My third and last hat was the first hat that I owned. I is a large straw hat that I changed the shape of a little like a show here.

I put this hat on top of my wardrobe on the cocktail shaker that was already there. This makes sure that the hat does not change shape to much.

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