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5 creative uses for cups

A while back I was looking around my room and I saw that I used a mug in more ways than just drinking. Usually if you think about a mug you think about coffee or tea and all the other beverages you can drink out of it. I looked around my room and saw I use a mug in more ways than just a way of drinking. I saw that it can be used as a pencil holder holder. I’ve put my lipstick in a mug, I have some brushes and perfumes in an other mug. And one with money in it. Even one with my plant in it.

That last mug is absolutly great. Because it is made of plastic it is really stong and great for travel. I always to it with me on the go. This is so I dont have to use a paper cup or single use plastic cup. I would highly recommend this. But the mug that I have is an old design. These are the new mugs from Mepal. It is also great to take with you when you go camping. It is almost unbreakable. So it does not matter how you are on the go if you are on to go at all. This is just a great mug.

When we see most objects like mugs, pencils, pens, plates and knives we always think of the way we can use it. And usually that’s the basic way to use it. A mug to drink out of. A knife to cut things with. Most things that are really simple object are things that can be multi-purpose. We just don’t think about it that way because we’re so used one way of using it. The way it is always used. The same thing goes for my drawing doll that I talked about a few blog posts ago. Where I showed you the multiple ways and I use my drawing doll not just to draw with but also to hold of my things.

I think it would promote creativity in our daily life without realising it. It might make a room look more fun instead of buying a specific pot just for a plants. And when a plant dies we still have that pot and we need to buy another plant for it. And it you don’t the pot will go to waste. Or you would need to find a new way to use that same pot. Or you put the plants in a mug in first place. If the plants would happen to die. You could just wash that mug and use again to drink out of.


Different uses for mugs:

  1. To put small things in

2. To put lipstick in and as a bonus. If the mug has a handle you can put hairclips on there.

3. For your plant

4. As a pencil holder ( I am aware that this is a glass and not a mug)

5. To hold your cards

 I think it’s good to start looking at things multiple ways. To help get back that creativity we had as children. When we we still used spoons to drum with on a table. We don’t see the table as just a table it’s a drum set and that’s the same with pens or the spoon that you drum.


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  1. Nice article. I also use mugs for art supplies. Looks good and very handy. TFS! Son’s crea gedoe.

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