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10 ideas to give your partner in long distance relationship

My boyfriend is going to the other side of the planet for 2 years. I am able to see him once every 3/4 months. So before he left I wanted to give him a present. Her are 10 fun ideas I came up with to give him.


  1. A jar of chocolats with a chocolat for every day he is away.
  2. Pillow case with a cute text.
  3. Pictures of the two of us together.
  4. A mug with a cute text.
  5. A watch with an engraving
  6. A bracelet
  7. A lamp that if you touch it the lamp on that the other person has lights up.
  8. A self made T-shirt like I showed here how to make
  9. One of my small paintings
  10. A photobook

I wanted to give him something small so it could easily fit in his bag when he left. Something that had meaning for the two of us. Small and meaningfull. The internet is full of ideas that are expensive, take a long time to make or are to big to take with him. All of the ideas above are simple and small. (Or as big as you want to make them).


If you read this you probably have a man, boyfriend, wife or girlfriend that is leaving as well so I wish you the best of luck and hope you find something he likes.

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  1. where did you get #7???

      1. Cool. Thank you

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