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How to remove lines from whiteboard


When I was young I had a whiteboard in my room to plan out the month. When I was young and did not use an agenda yet this worked great. Over the years I started using an agenda and stopped using this whiteboard to plan. I still used the whiteboard to write small things or to pin down papers that I wanted to keep for a while.

But the whiteboard did not look so good anymore because some of the black lines scratched of but not everywhere. So I decided to take of all the lines.


This was a lot easier than I thougth. I started using a knife but quickly found out that it made scratches where I did not want them. So I tried some soap with sand in it. Which also did not work.

As a last idea I used a brillo pad which worked perfectly. It did not make scratches but got rid of the unwanted lines.


And it worked perfectly.

2 thoughts on “How to remove lines from whiteboard

  1. If you have permanent marker lines drawn on your whiteboard, they can usually be removed easily by scrubbing over them with a dry erase marker. The dry erase marker will loosen the permanent marker, and it can be wiped away.


    1. In this case is was not permanent marker but a line that was more like a sticker on top.
      But thank you for the tip.


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