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5 ways to use a drawing doll

We all know the real way to use a drawing doll. But when you don’t need the doll it is just standing in the corner some where or lie in a drawer.

There are also a few usefull ways to use a drawing doll when you are not using it for drawing.

  1. hang your jewelry  on the arms and around the neck


2. hold some pens and pencils. You can also hang scissors from its arms


3. Put it somewhere as decorations


4. Let the doll hold a book or picture frame


5. Put the doll somewhere funny


If you are inspired to buy a drawing doll that will do more that just collect dust you can buy it here. I will make a small commision which would really help me out.

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3 thoughts on “5 ways to use a drawing doll

  1. This has inspired me to dig out my drawing doll and put it to good use! Thanks

  2. Hi the other Eva, thanks for following my blog altwerdnisnixfuerweicheier. But there will be no new articles as I migrated to Wopuld be real nice to see you there!

  3. […] because we’re so used one way of using it. The way it is always used. The same thing goes for my drawing doll that I talked about a few blog posts ago. Where I showed you the multiple ways and I use my drawing doll not just to draw with but also to […]

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