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How to remodel a straw hat

My mother had this old straw hat that looked really cool. I used this hat for a flower girl costume. One of those girls with shoes with a small heel in black shiny leather with a small buckle strap and white socks. Above that a yellow floral dress that has a lot of small blue flowers. And on her head she would wear a big head with a red ribbon.

Unfortunately this hat had lived in a bag in the attic for a few years. This a distroyed the nice shape it used to have. But now it is summer here in The Netherlands again and I wanted to wear that hat again. So I needed to remodel that hat. Let me explain how.


How I did it

I put a pan on the stove with water.

Once the water was boiling I put the pan on low heat but made sure it kept on boiling.

I carefully held the hat over the boiling water so the steam would soften the straw.

Then I took a ladle and bend the hat in the shape that I wanted.

And that was it. I was really that simple.


But When you do this be very careful not to burn yourself with the steam.

I also burned the string that goes under your chin. So I had to put a new string there. Luckely the string did not really burn but only melted a little

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