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Rammstein concert Rotterdam (NL) 2019

Rammstein the band from Germany. Everyone started talking about them agian after their album release in 2019. They did a stadium tour in Europe that same summer. The visuals for the tour look just as good as the new album.


An incredibly warm day. And what do I do? I went to a Rammstein concert with a lot of pyros. In De Kuip there was a heat plan so there were drink water points and we were allowed to take a soft plastic bottle with us without the cap

We had to wait a while for the new album but it is just as good as there live show. It gives you a lot of energy even if you are just listening to the cd.

Rammstein started there show a bit earlier than the schedule said. Which is a nice change compared to the many big rock stars who always let their fans wait. They started with a big bang. Literally, everything immediately on fire and even warmer than it already was. Unfortunately, me and my friend quickly noticed that we were so far away from the speakers that the fire was half a second before the sound. It was not a major differents but just enough to notice it.


It was a great show everything was well arranged.






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