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Bizarium Museum in Sluis

Bizarium Museum in Sluis


Bizarium in Sluis is a museum that focuses on inventions of the past that have failed or never really grew up. Some of these inventions really do not work and some could have become very large, but for unknown reasons they never became anything. Much of the inventions are based on things that we already see in nature. Like a flying machine inspired by the leaves of the maple. I think this fits very well with my studies because we will also invent and think of many things where it can sometimes be very good things but it may not always breakthrough. Inventions from the past can also be a good source of inspiration for new things.

The museum was interesting and fun to see all the crazy things that were made. But I did miss the information about why the inventions didn’t work. I told about the flying machine inspired by a maple leaf. So that man jumped out of an airplane with the machine, but it didn’t say what happened after that. I doubt it worked but I don’t know.

I thought it was really nice to see how many things are inspired by nature and how many kinds of ways have been devised to fly.
But there was an object by Leonardo Davinci, so in 1478 he already made a self-rising car. That is far before the time of the real cars. So man has been working on this concept for so long while it is still not entirely optimal there.
This shows how well you can still use and create ideas from the past, but with modern technology.


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