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Welcome to my homepage and printables shop.

Are you just like me and constantly dreaming about starting your own business so you do not have to work 9-5 for a boss for the rest of your life. You want to work whenever and maybe wherever you want. Feel free and make your own luck working on your own projects. The more work you put in it the more you will get out of it. This really was a great motivator for me when I started my business.

Starting a new business does not need to be so overwhelming. I can help you get everything in order before you start spending a lot of money on your new business.

Let me help you start you business and get organized.

Getting organized to start a business is more than just writing a plan. You need to know where your money will come from and where your money will go. Just like you need to organize your time. Your time as an entrepreneur is precious. So you need to thread it as such.

When you purchase a printable from Eva Boonman Designs you will be able to download is once in your account. That is all you have to do. No fuzz. No need to wait for it to arrive or pay for shipping. You just need to download and press print.

If you do not have a printer you can always send it to a family member who does or a print shop in your area.

You can print this on basic printer paper.

If you have any questions you can go to the bottom of this homepage and find the contact page link there.

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