Welcome to my shop. I sell printables that help you to start a business or get organized. Simple without any fuzz.

No need to wait or pay for shipping. You can directly download these and print these at home. Which saves a lot of time and money. That is also better for the environment.

It is almost Halloween! So we can all start decorating for the holiday and start costume and party preparation. These beautiful printables will help you with the Halloween festivities.

Why do you need these no printer printables?

You might have had the same problem as me. You wanted to use simple printables or planner but you want do not want to contribute to climate change. So you need a printable that you do not need to print out to use. An online fillable printable.

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Business plan printable start
Business plan printable start

Business printables

Are you just like me and constantly dreaming about starting your own business so you do not have to work 9-5 for a boss for the rest of your life. You want to work whenever and maybe wherever you want. Feel free and make your own luck working on your own projects. The more work you put in it the more you will get out of it. This really was a great motivator for me when I started my business.

Starting a new business does not need to be so overwhelming. I can help you get everything in order before you start spending a lot of money on your new business.

So when you go to the bank you will have a full plan to show them you are serious and deserve to get that loan. And you will then get that loan and make your business ideas and dreams into a reality.

These printables will help you create a good base for your business. It helps you think about time management, finance, planning and many more things.

No dream is to big

Whatever you do, always keep dreaming. Do not let anyone tell you your dreams are to big.

Find a picture of your dream and use in as your screensaver. Then every day you will see why you work so hard to achieve your dreams.

Always keep dreaming about something and never give them up for anything.

Owner of no printer printables. The fillalble printables for the people who do not have a printer.

Hello, I am Eva

I always wanted to start my own company so that I can work the hours I want without being stuck in a  9-5 job working for a boss. I was always dreaming about starting a business so when I put more work into it I get more out of it.

Let me help you achieve that same dream just like I did. I will help you make a business plan in an easy way. But also organize your time and finances. Because when you want to make money you need to know where your money goes but also where it comes from.

I do not just have a passion for my own business but also for organization so these two things together seem like the perfect match. So if you need someone to help you get organized, make lists and keep up with finances you do not need to look any further. You are in the right place.

Now you know something about Eva, The woman behind the website.